Falling Kingdoms is my new obsession

I thought I’d start off the new year by telling you about my latest obsession — Falling Kingdoms. What is Falling Kingdoms? A YA fantasy series written by Morgan Rhodes.

I came across book one as I was wandering through a bookstore looking for my next read. I read the summary and it sounded interesting. I read the first few pages and was hooked.

Falling Kingdoms tells the story of Mytica, a country made up of three kingdoms — Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia. Mytica has a history of magic, but not just any magic — elementia. There once were four Kindred — earth, air, water, and fire. Eva, a goddess, had control of all four, but then she was killed. A prophecy states that a sorceress will be born and she will be able to control the Kindred. No one knows where the Kindred are when book one starts, but the power hungry King Gaius wants all of them. As the series unfolds, there’s a race to obtain the Kindred as everyone seeks to takeover Mytica. The family dynamics within the Damora family adds to the excitement.

Rhodes tells the story from various points of view. Because of this technique, readers get a look inside the heads of all of the characters. I love this technique. I feel as though I know Jonas, Cleo, Magnus, and Lucia, as well as the other characters.

If you love YA fantasy, you’ll love this series. If you enjoy getting lost in another world, you’ll love these books. If you love books that are fast-paced with lots of action, you’ll love these books.

I’ve finished the first four books in the series and have book five. After I finish it, I will have to wait until December for book six. Waiting will be torture.

Have you read the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes?


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