Vino el Amor: Luciana finds happiness with Miguel?

Three weeks in and it appeared Luciana and David on Vino el Amor were already in love. Then, David chose his family over his happiness and Luciana decided not to fight for him. She realized family always comes first.

Luciana tried to get away from David and his family by taking a job at another vineyard. The new job didn’t last long because Luciana’s family needed her after Juan ordered a pesticide that made everyone sick. In fact, Marta got so sick that she ended up in the hospital.

By the way, Juan is still at the vineyard because David forgave him, even though Juan poisoned the employees and tried to kill the vineyard. I know Juan will get it in the end, but for now nothing seems to be sticking to him.

But I digress. Since returning to the vineyard, Luciana decided to give Miguel another chance. David is unhappy about this. His jealousy is palpable. He confronted Luciana about it and, of course, she got mad and said she deserves some happiness and a chance at a family of her own. After all, David has that. I agree with her, but I can’t help but feel that she’s playing with Miguel’s feelings. This reminds me a lot of the José Luis – Montserrat – Alejandro triangle in Lo que la Vida me Robó. That triangle didn’t work out well for José Luis and I don’t think this one will work out well for Miguel. I wish Miguel would find someone else, but I wonder if his fate will be the same as José Luis’s, which would be tragic.

Now, I have one rant for this week. Why are Susan and Tano together? Yes, I realize they argued and aren’t together at the moment, but I don’t expect that to last long. They will be back together soon. My biggest issue is that Tano just seems clueless about everything. The argument he had with Susan is proof of that. She’s going through a divorce and he announces to her soon-to-be ex-husband that she’s already with someone else. This is bad. Her ex is already going after the house she gave him money for and all Tano did was give the ex a reason to argue that Susan doesn’t need the house or his support because she already has someone else to take care of her. Frankly, Susan can do a lot better than Tano. To the writers, please give Susan another love interest.

What do you think of Luciana and Miguel? Susan and Tano?


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