Secrets and Lies: We know who did it (Spoiler Alert)

After ten intense episodes, we finally know who killed Kate on Secrets and Lies. Unlike the first season, I actually guessed this one early on, but couldn’t figure out the motive. So who did it? Amanda Warner, Eric’s sister. Why? I’ll get to that later.

Unfortunately for Eric, we discovered in the last couple of episodes that his family has major issues. His sister-in-law, Melanie, was running a brothel and will be doing time. His brother, Patrick, used the family business to get loans to buy houses, one of which housed the brothel, and he will be doing time for fraud.

Eric then discovered that his father had another family, which is why he was gone all the time. His half-brother from that family was the blackmailer. Obviously, he is also going to prison. Because the police needed the father’s testimony to put the half-brother away, the police decided not to charge him with bigamy.

Now, we get to Amanda, the only one who seemed to have it together, despite the separation from her husband. Why did she kill Kate? On the night of the party, she found out that Kate was pregnant. Amanda had been trying for a long time to have a baby with her husband, but couldn’t get pregnant, even with fertility treatments. She got upset with Kate and thought life was unfair. She grabbed Kate and told her how unfair it was that she couldn’t have kids and yet Kate was having one when she hadn’t even been trying. In her anger, she pushed Kate off the roof.

The real kicker was that Amanda was pregnant, but didn’t know until Cornell told her. Had Amanda done what the other Warners seem incapable of doing, which is keep her temper under control, she and Kate would have been having babies together.

Despite low ratings, the show ended with a cliffhanger. Cornell asks her daughter where her gun is and then hears the click of the gun behind her. We see Cornell turn with the gun she held in her hand and then we hear gunshots. Is Cornell dead?

I love this show and I really hope ABC brings it back for a third season. I’d like to know what happened to Cornell.

Did you know it was Amanda?


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