Tres Veces Ana: Ramiro’s dad did it and Ana Lucia meets her grandmother

Tres Veces Ana is in its final weeks and things are finally starting to happen.

Let’s start with the same old business. Marcelo is still going back and forth with Santiago. For some reason, he hasn’t had the surgery to remove the tumor. Why? The only reason I can come up with is that the writers wanted to drag it out.

Now, for the more exciting. Ramiro discovered that his father stole the money from the foundation. He confronted his father and, instead of dealing with the consequences, his father committed suicide.

While Ramiro was trying to deal with what his father had done, Ana Laura was at a restaurant meeting who she thought was Ana Lucia, but it was Ana Leticia in disguise. She made Ana Laura believe that she hates the fact she missed out on the riches that Ana Laura and Ana Leticia grew up with. Ana Leticia completely played to Ana Laura’s sensitivities. The only reason for this is it plays into Ana Leticia’s plan to keep Ana Lucia out of the family. I think it will backfire because Ana Laura is a softie and will want to make Ana Lucia feel part of the family even more.

Meanwhile, the real Ana Lucia met her grandmother for the first time. She told her grandmother about her relationship with Santiago and how much she truly loved him. Surprisingly, I thought her grandmother handled it well and seemed to really feel for Ana Lucia and the situation she was in, despite the fact that Santiago/Marcelo is married to Ana Leticia.

In the coming weeks, there’s more to come. Iñaki killed Isidro and Orlando recorded Iñaki and Ana Leticia getting rid of Isidro’s body. For now, Iñaki plans to pay off Orlando, but we all know that the video is going to come back to haunt Iñaki and Ana Leticia. I’m just wondering what the final outcome will be for Ana Leticia. Will the writers kill her off or send her to prison?

What do you think Ana Leticia’s future holds?


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2 thoughts on “Tres Veces Ana: Ramiro’s dad did it and Ana Lucia meets her grandmother

    • Jennifer Britt says:

      It was one of the most disturbing episodes I’ve ever seen. Facundo and Valentín are sick. What an awful revenge! I can’t believe they paralyzed Ramiro. I’m hoping Marcelo comes to the rescue and finishes them off because they needed to go a long time.

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