Brenda Bartolomeo is back to discuss The Bachelorette

This week, Brenda Bartolomeo from Betting Brenda pays us a visit to discuss The Bachelorette.

JB: Brenda, I’m glad you could stop by.

Brenda: Thanks for having me. I love talking about The Bachelorette.

JB: It’s been about a year since you’ve joined us. What have you been up to?

Brenda: Last time I was here, the new restaurant in Las Vegas had just opened. I’m happy to report that it has been a huge success and I’m looking at opening another location in Vegas.

JB: That’s fantastic news.

Brenda: Thank you.

JB: Now, let’s turn to The Bachelorette. What do you think of the season so far?

Brenda: JoJo has a lot of good guys to choose from, but it’s been interesting to watch Chad’s outrageous behavior. He’s made this an unforgettable season.

JB: I’ve also been watching because of the drama. Tonight’s episode should be interesting with Chad’s return to the house.

Brenda: Chad is definitely looking for trouble. I’m curious to see what happens. I’d like to know why he bothers going back to the house after JoJo let him go.

JB: What are your thoughts on the dates so far?

Brenda: The fireman training date was fun to watch, but I felt bad for Wells. He struggled quite a bit. I was glad JoJo gave him the rose. I love sports so SportsNation also was great, despite Chad’s attitude. But my favorite date of the season is the football date, even though Jordan had an edge because he used to be a pro.

JB: If you had to pick one guy for JoJo, who would it be?

Brenda: I like Luke. He seems like a sweet guy and he stays out of everyone’s business. He doesn’t get involved in a lot of the drama.

JB: Jordan and JoJo have quite the connection.

Brenda: They do and he’s a charmer, but I think Luke is a better pick.

JB: Thanks for coming by and chatting.

Brenda: Thanks for having me.

JB: Don’t forget, you can check out Brenda’s story in Betting Brenda. Who do you think JoJo should pick?


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