The CW Network introduces the precursor to the Justice League

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ended with a surprise twist. After ridding the world of Savage, it appeared the team was breaking up for good. They had completed their mission and there was no reason for them to travel through time together.

All of the members of the team tried to adjust to normal life again, but couldn’t. Ray and Martin figured out how to contact the Waverider and Rip came back, surprised that everyone wanted to join him again, except for the Hawks who decided to give their relationship a chance.

Everyone is about to get on the Waverider when another one shows up and Rex Tyler (aka Hourman) is on board. He is from the Justice Society of America and claims Mick sent him.

The Justice Society of America is the precursor to the Justice League and makes perfect sense for the CW Network, which has become the home to DC’s superheros. With the addition of Supergirl in the fall, the crossover potential is huge, making the Justice Society doable.

With this development, fall TV looks much more interesting.

Are you excited about the Justice Society of America?


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