The Flash stretches the imagination

I haven’t written about The Flash, but the storyline lately has compelled me to write about it now.

This season has been about Earth 1 and Earth 2 and time travel. It took a lot for me to buy into the multiple Earths concept, but I eventually went with it and tried to enjoy the story. Then Zoom killed Jay and we found out Zoom is Jay. The obvious question: If Zoom is Jay, how did he kill Jay? This is the part I find hard to believe.

Zoom explains that he found a time remnant of himself and convinced that time remnant to allow Zoom to murder him. Seriously? If Earth 1 and 2 weren’t enough, now I have to deal with a time remnant.

The writers then want me to imagine a world in which the Flash would give his speed to Zoom to save Wally. Everyone knows this would never happen because Zoom would only use that speed for bad.

I’ve liked this show since it started, but now I’m frustrated. The Flash no longer has his speed and Zoom has decided to take over both Earth 1 and 2. I know the Flash will get his speed back, and maybe having him try to get his speed back is supposed to make the show more exciting, but for me it’s tedious.

I wish the Flash could go back to fighting metahumans and we could forget all about time remnants, as well as Earth 1 and 2.

Do you like the direction The Flash has gone in this season?

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