The Bachelor: Who will Ben pick?

Forgive me if this post is more snarky than usual. I can’t help it. I’ve been struggling to wrap my head around the fact that Ben told both Lauren and JoJo that he loves them on The Bachelor.

When he told Lauren how he felt, I thought okay this is different and the last episode is ruined because the suspense over who will get the ring is gone. When he told JoJo the very same thing 24 hours later, I cringed. How could he tell two women that he was in love with them? It made me long for the old days (actually, not that long ago) when the bachelors kept their feelings to themselves. It’s far less cruel to the women.

Sure, the women always want to know what’s on the bachelor’s mind. But I think a woman would rather not know until the end. How awful would it be to have the bachelor tell you he loves you only to then find out that he said the same thing to one of the other women? From the previews, it appears that’s exactly what happens.

Like all of the bachelors before him, Ben is confused and doesn’t know who he’s going to choose. Somehow, he picks one, even though he’s in love with both of them and I’m supposed to believe that they are madly in love and happily engaged. Excuse me, while I choke on the hard pill I can’t seem to swallow.

Why would any woman in her right mind say yes to a proposal under these circumstances? This sounds like a train wreck in the making.

What I wouldn’t give to watch Ben get dumped by both women tonight, but I know it won’t happen. JoJo and Lauren deserve better and I can’t believe one of them actually said yes to him, even if it is temporary.

So who do I think Ben will pick? Lauren. JoJo’s brothers ruined it for her, but that might be a good thing.

Who do you think Ben will pick? What do think of this fiasco of an engagement?

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