Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse goes out in style

file000615249052I wish I could say that the gran final of Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse was exciting, but it wasn’t. All of the excitement took place in the previous episode, making the gran final pretty uneventful.

Going into the gran final, we knew Osvaldo had died and saved Gianna’s life in the process. It was one of the most touching moments and, even though I saw it coming, I still cried for Osvaldo. I think this should have been written into the gran final because it would have made it more interesting to watch.

Despite the lack of excitement, we got lots of beautiful views to look at. The majority of the gran final took place in Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Why Italy? Because Santino decided Fiorella and Pedro had to have a big Italian wedding, even though they were already married.

Unfortunately, everyone couldn’t travel to Italy for a variety of reasons. As a result, many of the characters we had come to love were absent for much of the gran final.

After the wedding, it seemed everyone was moving to Italy. Pedro and Fiorella had decided to make their home in Italy. Santino and Julieta announced that they were moving to Italy to be closer to Fiorella and Pedro, and Gianna and Gael said they were going to medical school in Italy and would return to Mexico for their last semester.

The gran final then jumped several years ahead and we were left with Eloisa summarizing what happened to everyone. Sonia was shown teaching her son piano and looking at a picture of her and Osvaldo. Sergio and Pilar were running A Corp, and Gael and Gianna became pediatricians. Roxie and Benino had a daughter and seemed to be happy. Fiorella and Pedro stayed in Italy and had a daughter.

It wasn’t the best gran final, but it was nice to see almost everyone have a happy ending and I can’t really complain about the filming in Italy.

What did you think of the gran final?

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34 thoughts on “Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse goes out in style

  1. Marla Gonzalez says:

    Univision splitted the ending in two days. In Mexico the novelas ending was 2 hours and it was aired in Sunday. The first hour was so heartbreaking sad with osvaldos death and the second hour was all happiness in Italy.

  2. Marla Gonzalez says:

    I agree with you but it seems that Univision now wants to end their novelas in Monday instead of passing the two hour ending in Friday. And they still cut out scenes from it. And yes it looks like Italy is a wonderful place.

  3. mike wafula says:

    nice one even i like that and we are weiting for an other one, for ron and brito and even i want them to be couple upto the end

  4. claire says:

    im glad its finally over i was getting bored with the”my love”chanting this soap was sh*tbut im just expressing myself if you loved it fine but it was my worst soap ever #muchacha italiana hater

  5. francisca says:

    The last hour was super… Italy is an haven where I should die… Osvaldo death left me in tears but at lest Giana was saved, I loved every episode…cheers guys, definitely all roads lead to love…..

  6. Marla Gonzalez says:

    For those who loved Osvaldo in Muchacha Italiana, I have very good news. Mike Biagio is in a new novela named LA Doble Vida DE Estela Carrillo in which it seems that he will play another villain whose name is Fausto.

    Also for the fans of Livia Brito and Jose Ron

    Livia is the female lead of a novela named LA Piloto which is gonna be aired in Unimas.
    Jose Ron is the male lead of a novela named Enamorandome DE Ramon.

  7. Marla Gonzalez says:

    You welcome. I also loved Osvaldo and just hope that in this novela Mike doesn’t die at least not before the ending.

  8. Marla Gonzalez says:

    Just here to inform that LA Doble Vida DE Estela Carrillo is initializing this Monday in Mexico. Mike Biagio (Osvaldo from Muchacha Italiana) as I said before is playing another baddie named Fausto. I read that his character works for a prostitution ring in which Estela, the female lead, ends up being abused and humilliated. He seduces and promises Estela that he is gonna help her achieve her dream of being a singer but obviously is just a trap to sell her.

  9. Marla Gonzalez says:

    I think that I read that the Novela is coming on May to Univision but I am not sure. I am watching it online and the story is very interesting and kind of mysterious. Mike Biagio hasn’t appeared yet in the Novela but I am liking the story.

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