Muchacha Italiana Viene Casarse: Fiorella has a target on her back

It has taken months and many episodes of Muchacha Italiana, but Eloísa has finally come to her senses and accepted Fiorella into the Ángeles family. With most of them being crazy, it’s not a family I would want to be a part of, but Fiorella and Pedro are happy about it.

Unfortunately for Fiorella, no one else in the Ángeles family is happy about their marriage and they want her dead. As in every novela, the heroine has to be in grave danger and, whether Fiorella realizes it, she has been in danger many times.

Aitana attempted to kill her — remember the sauna — and I think she’ll try again. When Eloísa announced that Fiorella would inherit her entire estate, everyone, except Sergio and Julieta, began planning Fiorella’s death.

Now, it appears Osvaldo and Federica are planning Fiorella’s murder because they believe she’s pregnant and, if she has a baby, then they will lose some of their inheritance. We know they won’t succeed, but it adds a bit of suspense to a novela that has had a couple in love for a rather long time.

Pedro and Fiorella almost instantly fell in love. I would have enjoyed more push and pull, which is why I like these turn of events. Besides, Osvaldo is at his best when he’s scheming against someone. I need something to keep my interest and Diana and Vittorio haven’t been cutting it.

What do you think of the latest on Muchacha Italiana?

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