Thank you ABC for bringing back Galavant

I watched Galavant last season and immediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it was almost cancelled because of low ratings and I don’t understand why. It has music, comedy, and a handsome leading man. What more could you want? My only complaint is that the season is too short.

If you haven’t been watching, here’s what has happened. Galavant’s ex, Madalena, was taken by King Richard. Galavant tries to find her and is joined by Princess Isabella of Valencia.

In the end, Madalena chooses Richard because of his power and money. Galavant falls in love with Isabella, but they are soon separated.

Season 1 ends with Galavant on a ship with pirates and King Richard who was ousted from the throne in Valencia. Isabella is locked away by her parents who have arranged for her to marry her cousin. Madalena declares herself Queen of Valencia.

This season opens with Galavant and King Richard on a journey to rescue Isabella. Galavant doesn’t realize that Isabella believes that he doesn’t love her anymore and that she has set a wedding date because she’s being controlled by the wedding planner.

Richard returns to his kingdom only to find that his castle isn’t where it used to be and that his subjects seem to be happy with democracy.

Madalena is having trouble being accepted as Queen of Valencia.

Below is a clip of what you’ve been missing.

If you have been watching, what do you think of Galavant’s return?


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