Once Upon a Time: The bad boy is back [Spoiler Alert]

I loved when Hook was a bad boy and, apparently, the writers agreed because Hook is a Dark One.

Once Hook realizes he’s a Dark One he wipes out Emma’s memories and goes after Rumpel for revenge. He challenges Rumpel to a duel.

While Regina and company look for a way to stop Hook, Rumpel realizes that he can’t run from Hook. He swears that if he survives, he’ll be the man that Belle deserves.

Hook and Rumpel duel each other and Rumpel beats Hook. Even though he could easily kill Hook with Excalibur, he chooses not to and Hook disappears.

Hook visits Emma while she is being guarded by Merida and he tells Emma how much he wants to hurt her. He’s angry and he likes the darkness. Hook doesn’t care that Emma only turned him into a Dark One to save his life.

Emma isn’t willing to give up on Hook and plans with Henry to get her memories, as well as everyone’s memories, back. Once her memories are back, she knows what Hook is up to.

Hook summons Nimue and the other Dark Ones to snuff out the light. Will he succeed? We’ll have to wait for the next episode to find out.

The flashbacks didn’t add much to the episode. However, we found out that Hook killed Merlin so that he could unleash the curse and go back to Storybrooke to get his revenge.

Hook is so evil that any hope of Emma and Hook getting back together might be gone for good.

What do you think of Hook as a Dark One?


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