What will you do this Thanksgiving?

PieThanksgiving Day used to be the one day a year that families would gather together and give thanks. A turkey would be put in the oven early and basted until done. Sides, such as stuffing and baked potatoes, would be prepared. Pies, cookies, and other sweet treats would be made. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade would be on in the background as all of the preparations were begun.

After all of the work, a family would sit at the table, give thanks, and eat. The rest of the day would be filled with football games and other family activities.

The best part of the day was that stores were closed. The craziness of the holiday season didn’t start until Black Friday.

Times have changed. Many retailers now open their doors on Thanksgiving Day. They used to wait until the late hours of Thanksgiving Day to open, but recently some have started opening that morning.

The retailers claim they open on Thanksgiving because that’s what consumers want. Really? Apparently, we can’t take one day a year to be with our families. We have to eat and run to the store to get whatever deals there might be. Is this what Thanksgiving day has become? Is it really a hit and run event? Have we gotten to the point of letting retailers rule our lives?

Employees that work for these retailers are affected too. Is it fair to ask employees to work? Don’t they deserve time off with their families?

Some retailers have said they will not open their doors this year on Thanksgiving Day and I commend them for that. I wish others would follow suit, but I don’t believe it will happen until we as consumers say no because our families come first.

So I ask, what will you be doing this Thanksgiving? Will you fall prey to the retailers or take time out for your family?


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4 thoughts on “What will you do this Thanksgiving?

  1. Joan Whitten says:

    I have to agree with you. Thanksgiving day and Easter Sunday stores should be closed. Employers need to give their employees the day off to be with family and worship the Lord. So many are open on these two days.

  2. Mary says:

    I definitely will not be at any stores on Thanksgiving. I just hate that they are open for people to shop. It is such a shame that companies try so hard to entice others to spend money when we should be giving thanks for what we already have. I stay away at all costs even on Black Friday. There is just nothing my family needs that badly. That being said I feel a little hypocritical because our Disney passes end on Thanksgiving so as a family we will be going to EPCOT on Thanksgiving, something we’ve never done and I do look forward to the memories we will make. Happy Thanksgiving!

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