Arrow: Oliver Queen is a super hero and super chef

I’ve spent a lot of time this season trying to figure out who’s in the grave on Arrow. Wednesday’s episode dropped more hints that only made my list get longer —  Felicity (which has been hinted at more than once) and Felicity’s mother (because of her relationship with Lance). But it also showed us another side of Oliver Queen and I think that’s why I’ve been enjoying this season so much.

If last season was about Oliver trying to figure out how to be the Arrow and Oliver Queen, this season is about Oliver finally being comfortable with who he is. I was afraid that once Felicity and Oliver got together, the show would go down hill. After all, so many series in the past failed after the main characters ended up romantically involved. Luckily, the writers have kept Olicity fresh.

I love their banter and tiny arguments, especially during the missions. My favorite part of the last episode was the dinner scene with Felicity’s mother. Oliver cooked chicken cordon bleu. Yes, the man is a super chef. But he couldn’t enjoy the meal because Felicity was sulking.

Oliver looked so vulnerable and sad as he tried to figure out what he did wrong. I couldn’t understand Felicity’s problem. I loved that her mother said what we were all thinking. The man is gorgeous, cooks, and he loves her. Felicity lost sight of the fact that Oliver complements her. He’s never asked her to change. She can be herself with him. I’m glad she came to her senses by the end of the episode. I’m not ready for Olicity to end yet.

What do you think of Olicity this season?

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