Jennifer goes apple picking

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is apple picking. I like going out in the orchard and picking the apples off the trees. Many of the farms around me offer other activities as well, like corn mazes, pig races, and live music. They also usually have country markets. I always go in the market to buy local honey and fresh kettle corn.

I had a beautiful day in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I couldn’t have asked for a better fall day.

I ended up with about five pounds of apples, which I will use to make apple pie and baked apples. A baked apple fresh from the oven is delicious on a cold evening in the fall.

Jennifer picking apples_2 Orchard

What is your favorite fall activity?

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer goes apple picking

  1. Mary says:

    Apple picking looks like so much fun and something I really want to try but where I live isn’t really conducive to that but I’ll have to make a special trip sometime to try it out. It looks like it would be a husband friendly activity.;) I know the kids would love it!! One of my favorite fall activities is roasting and preparing pumpkin “meat” so I can make homemade pumpkin pies. They are better than any other I have tried. They turn out light and fluffy and so good!! The family really loves it too as well as cooking up a bunch of pumpkin seeds in the skillet and seasoning them different ways. This is definitely a fall favorite! Thanks for sharing.:)

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