Arrow: The original Canary is back

Sara, the original Black Canary, has returned to Arrow. Can I get a big hallelujah? I only wish she could become the Black Canary again.

How did Sara make her grand return? Laurel and Thea took Sara’s decaying body to Nanda Parbat to throw it in the Lazarus Pit and bring Sara back to life. Apparently, the fact that Thea is nuts since coming out of the Lazarus Pit means nothing to Laurel.

Malcolm, who has zero morals, even thought it was a bad idea. Of course, he finally agreed even though he knew Thea would be Sara’s target as soon as she came out of the pit. So I guess he stayed true to character.

Anyway, Sara is back, but crazy for now. It can’t last long because she has to be sane enough to be the White Canary on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. However, we know from Malcolm that the blood lust won’t leave until the one who killed her is dead, meaning Thea. Could this episode have been a hint as to who’s in the grave? Possibly.

I thought Darhk would be the one who would make Oliver kill again, but could Oliver have been talking about Malcolm because he allowed Sara to come back from the dead and kill Thea?

What do you think of Sara’s return?


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