La Sombra del Pasado – A Modern Day Romeo and Juliet

Let me start off by saying I’m a sucker for a good Romeo and Juliet story. What’s not to love? A couple finds love in the face of their feuding families. It’s classic and it’s the story behind La Sombra del Pasado.

I’ve been watching for a couple of months. I wasn’t sure if I would get hooked like I did with Lo Que la Vida Me Robó, but every time Cristóbal looks at Aldonza, I melt a little bit with her.

Cristóbal is the son of Candela and Severiano and they hate Aldonza. Why do they hate Aldonza? Because as Cristóbal and Aldonza recently discovered, Aldonza’s mother, Roberta, and Severiano were once lovers. It is also because of Roberta that Severiano lost his arm.

Even though Roberta is dead and the affair was 20 years ago, Candela and Severiano have placed the sins of her mother on Aldonza.

Aldonza lives with her aunt and she grew up hearing her mother constantly say how much she hated Severiano and that Severiano ruined her life. Later, to keep Cristóbal away from Aldonza, Severiano raped her, a fact Cristóbal is not aware of because she hasn’t told Cristóbal. It’s a huge secret and one I hope she tells Cristóbal soon. Aldonza left town because of what Severiano did and broke Cristóbal’s heart in the process. Cristóbal needs to know that his father is a monster.

What I love about their relationship is that they both realize that neither one of them is to blame for their families’ faults and the ongoing feud has nothing to do with them. Despite everything his mother has said, Cristóbal’s feelings for Aldonza haven’t changed. In fact, he’s told his parents that they should respect Aldonza. Yes, Cristóbal has a back bone and he’s shown it in recent episodes.

The one unbelievable aspect is that Cristóbal asked Aldonza to marry him and she said yes. They haven’t dated and have barely had any relationship at all. Cristóbal claims he knows that there will never be another one for him. She is the love of his life. I’m a romance wirter so, of course, I love the romance behind that notion.  But I would have liked a tad bit more in the relationship department before they got engaged.

I’m sure something will get in their way before the wedding. After all, it is a novela. But I’m confident that Cristóbal and Aldonza will always find a way to each other and they will have a happy ending.

What do you think of La Sombra del Pasado?

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