Mi Corazón Es Tuyo: Isabela Gets It in the End

scribble-heartThe writers of Mi Corazón Es Tuyo got the ending right. In my last blog, I mentioned that I thought Ana was pregnant when she hadn’t reconciled with Fernando, but the writers fooled me, which I’m happy about. They finally had Fernando apologize and, soon after, he and Ana were married. Ana then got pregnant and had twin girls. I’m glad they got their happy ending, but the best part of the finale was what happened to Isabela.

Isabela became a complete nut case, trying to separate Ana and Fernando while eating junk food. Her diet sunk to new lows. She thumbed her nose at healthy eating and, in the end, it caught up with her along with all of the trouble she caused. Arquímedes, the computer genius she was working with to take down Fernando and Ana, stole all of her money and Isabela’s life went to hell. After a time lapse of a few months, Isabela is seen entering an apartment full of snacks. To say she gained weight, would be an understatement. She cries as she looks in a mirror. She hates her life and what she has become. She has no money and the only job she’s able to get is at a zoo.

So many times in novelas, the villains die. Isabela’s ending was better than death. After all of the trouble she caused, she deserves to live the rest of her life in misery.

As a side note, Mayrín Villanueva usually plays a protagonist. She did such a great job with the role of Isabela that I hope she plays a villain again.

What did you think of the ending to Mi Corazón Es Tuyo?

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