Another Season Without Olicity on Arrow

The beginning of this season of Arrow started with a tease. We thought we were finally going to have Olicity. Oliver and Felicity went on a date in which Felicity ended up getting hurt and then Oliver decided that he couldn’t be with anyone. I had hoped that wouldn’t be the end of Olicity for this season, but then the last two episodes happened. In one of those episodes, Felicity slept with Ray. I thought perhaps it would be a one night thing and Felicity would realize that she had made a mistake. Did that happen? No! Instead, it appears that Felicity is quite happy with Ray, at least for now.

Does Felicity still like Oliver? Yes. In last week’s episode, she said that having Oliver in her life made her happy and there was a lot of touching involved. If Oliver said he loved her and wanted to be with her, I think she’d dump Ray fast. But Oliver isn’t that type of guy and, as long as Felicity is dating Ray, Oliver won’t say a word to Felicity.

Will the writers make us wait until next season for Olicity? If Olicity happens this season, I believe it will be the very last episode, which means we’ll probably be left hanging. While as a viewer I’m aggravated, it’s smart on the part of the writers. The anticipation of Olicity keeps viewers coming back and, for that reason, they’ll drag it out as long as they can.

Do you think we’ll see Olicity before the end of the season?

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