Mi Corazón Es Tuyo: Will Fernando Accept Ana and Her Secret?

For months, I’ve watched Ana on Mi Corazón Es Tuyo sneak out of Fernando’s house so she could dance at Chicago. During that time, Nicolás, Diego, and Fanny have discovered her secret. How she’s managed to get away with it for so long without Fernando finding out from someone is beyond me, especially with the video of her dancing on the Internet.

SheartShadowshe’s had plenty of opportunities to let Fernando in on her secret, but she always chickens out. She loves Fernando so much that she’s afraid he won’t accept her dancing.

Is she right? Would Fernando be that shallow?

While Ana is a pole dancer, it’s not as if she’s a stripper. At one time, I would have said pole dancing would be enough to turn off Fernando, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Since Ana has come into his life, he’s changed a lot. He used to be ultraconservative, cold, and stern. Now he’s warm and fun, and not as conservative as he used to be.

Having headlines that read: “Nanny to Fernando Lascuráin’s Children Is a Pole Dancer,” wouldn’t be the greatest for his reputation, but I think he’s so gaga for Ana that he’d find a way to make it work. He might even be able to break her free of Don Doroteo.

The sad part is that Ana doesn’t trust in Fernando enough to share her secret and that’s what Fernando will have a hard time with, especially if he finds out from someone else, which is where I think the story is heading. It will be more dramatic for Fernando to find out from someone other than Ana and will be a real test to their relationship. Everyone knows relationships are built on trust. Will Fernando and Ana finally be able to trust each other? I hope so if we’re going to have a happy ending.

How do you think Fernando will find out about Ana?

4 thoughts on “Mi Corazón Es Tuyo: Will Fernando Accept Ana and Her Secret?

  1. DMann says:

    I agree! Looks like Fernando is going to find out about Ana himself. She is very foolish if she thinks she can get away with it. If other already know, he, too, will find out. Telling him herself would be the wiser and kinder thing to do.

    I wonder if she and Fernando do get together, will she give up her dancing? Frankly, I cannot see her being able to continue after she and Fernando are married or even engaged. It’s not such a great thing for a future wife and mother to his children. I do hope it all works out for them. They deserve some happiness.

    As for his crazy ex-wife, I hope she gets caught trying to kill her lover. But, I must say, she is such a good actress that she is enjoyable to watch. The faces she makes when talking to the camera are so funny.

    Love this show!!!

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