Oliver Queen: The Most Frustrating Man on TV

When I watched the preview for this season of Arrow, I was excited. I thought finally we’re going to have Olicity. The writers quickly killed that in the first episode of the season.

Since then, Felicity and Oliver have had their moments and Oliver has done a lot of whining about how guys like him don’t get the girl. He believes he’s doing the noble thing. If Felicity is with him, she could be put in danger.

But what about what Felicity wants? He’s taken the decision out of her hands. She knows the risks involved with dating Oliver and doesn’t care. All she wants is him.

Even Diggle has tried to talk some sense into Oliver. Of course, the one time Oliver listens to him, Oliver is too late. Felicity had gone on a date with Ray and, unlike Oliver, Ray capitalized on the situation. What’s that old saying? You snooze, you lose.

Only Oliver didn’t snooze long. No, he decides to tell her how he feels as he’s leaving to face Ra’s al Ghul and might not be back. At least Felicity knows, but her heart is breaking at the same time and I imagine she’s not going to fair well when she learns Oliver is supposedly dead. While I’m glad he admitted his feelings in the mid-season finale, a part of me thinks he should have waited until he returned, which we know he will despite how that last episode ended.

When he returns, my advice to Oliver is: Take Felicity in your arms and give her the most passionate kiss in the history of TV kisses. You’ll be happy, she’ll be happy, and we’ll all be happy.

What are your thoughts on Felicity and Oliver? Are you still holding out hope for Olicity?

One thought on “Oliver Queen: The Most Frustrating Man on TV

  1. DMann says:

    Agree! Felicity and Oliver belong together. I believe they will get together.

    As for Oliver appearing to be killed, well, it is certainly going to be interesting how the writers get around that one. I assume they already know or at least, I hope they know. Let’s face it! He cannot die! He is the main character on the show. He is “Arrow”.

    Can’t wait for the return of this show!

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