The Most Anticipated Dates on TV

I’ve been waiting and waiting, like everyone else, for Olicity to happen on Arrow and for Emma and Hook to get together on Once Upon a Time. The good news is Hook and Emma are off to a good start. The bad news is Oliver and Felicity are already over. (Yeah, Oliver is a bit of a drag.)

I’m going to save the best for last and start with Arrow. Oliver decides to have a life outside of being Arrow. He asks Felicity on a date and she, of course, says yes. After all, like the rest of us, she’s been waiting a long time for Oliver to make a move.

They go to a nice restaurant and their date is cut short when a rocket is launched into the restaurant by someone trying to kill Oliver. Felicity is injured and he brings her back to his lair. He realizes then that he can’t be Oliver. He can only be Arrow, which means no personal life. Poor Felicity!

He talks to Felicity about what happened and Felicity knows that it’s over and she’s right. Oliver kisses her, but it’s more of a kiss goodbye than a passionate kiss.

Is it ridiculous that I’m still holding out hope for Olicity?

The second episode once again showed Oliver’s struggle to be just Arrow, Starling City’s protector, not a human being with emotions. I think eventually he’ll realize that he has to find a balance. He has to allow his human side to come out and that means Felicity might get another chance.

Now onto Emma and Hook and their epic date. For the date, Hook had Rumplestiltskin, restore his hand. That’s right, the hook was gone for a short time anyway.

Hook planned the date and took Emma to an Italian restaurant. It was very Lady and the Tramp.

All was going well until Will Scarlett spilled wine all over Emma and Hook reached out with his reattached hand, which Rumplestiltskin told him could cause him act to act differently because it was part of the Old Hook.

When he grabbed Will Scarlett, he sounded like the Old Hook when he told Will to apologize to Emma. Despite the hand, the date went well. Hook asked Emma out again and we got another kiss. Looks like we’re in for a lot more Hook and Emma.

Which TV date have you been waiting for?

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