Lo Que La Vida Me Robó – El Fin (The End)

As a contemporary romance author, I love happy endings. For the most part, Lo Que La Vida Me Robó delivered on the happy endings.

In my last post, Saying Goodbye to Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, I predicted that Adolfo would be the next to die. I was right. Adolfo went out in rather dramatic fashion. Everyone found out that he was El Alacran on his wedding day. Dimitrio went to arrest him and Adolfo tried to escape with Pedro on a helicopter. However, Pedro, who was a scum bag until the very end, kicked Adolfo off the helicopter, forcing him to take on Dimitrio. Adolfo makes it clear that he’s not going to prison. They fight and Adolfo raises his gun to Dimitrio who tells him to put it down. Instead, Adolfo puts his hand behind his back and pulls out the magazine. He then quickly pulls the gun out from behind his back and Dimitrio shoots him twice in front of Josefina who is dressed in her wedding dress. That brought an end to that complicated love triangle.

The Alejandro-Montserrat-José Luis love triangle had a similar fate. José Luis and Alejandro go to save their children from Pedro who had kidnapped them. Alejandro tells Pedro that he’s held a grudge for no reason because he wasn’t the one driving the car in the accident that caused Pedro to be castrated. It was Alejandro’s father, Benjamin Almonte. Pedro doesn’t care and decides to have Alejandro pay for his father’s sins. He shoots Alejandro and it appears that he’s dead.

Pedro then shows José Luis two cages and tells him that he can either save Laurito or Romina. Pedro leaves José Luis who uncovers the cage with Romina. He sees a bomb on her cage and dismantles it. He goes to Laurito’s cage and can’t dismantle the bomb. José Luis pulls the bomb off the cage and throws it over a wall, but he’s too close and is knocked out.

Dimitrio shows up and arrests Pedro who is later beaten up in prison. Yay!!! Dimitrio’s men check Alejandro and José Luis and Dimitrio’s told only one man is breathing. Unlike the Gran Final, I’m going to let the secret out of the bag and tell you José Luis died. Some might say he was meant to die so that Alejandro and Montserrat could be together. I say he could have had a happy ending here on Earth.

When José Luis died, the writers made it appear he was happy because he was reunited with Refugio and Angelica. While it’s true Angelica was the one who truly loved him, the last several weeks showed that he still wanted Montserrat. I’m not completely sold on the idea that José Luis would find happiness in Heaven with Angelica. I guess that was the writers’ version of a happy ending for José Luis.

Montserrat says goodbye to José Luis at the funeral and, in what is supposed to be a surprise, Alejandro joins her at the back of the church. Where he was for the entire episode, who knows?

I wish I could say that having Montserrat and Alejandro together was the best part of the Gran Final. But the best moment goes to Josefina and Dimitrio. Josefina goes to the inner courtyard of the church and runs into Dimitrio who had just said goodbye to Monica. Josefina tells Dimitrio how important Adolfo was to her, but it has always been Dimitrio who has been in her heart and she hopes that they can at least be friends. Dimitrio tells her the same about Monica and then leaves Josefina so she can have a moment with Adolfo. She says her goodbye to Adolfo and, when she turns to leave, Dimitrio is there. He smiles and says, “Here we go again.” They kiss and get their happy ending, which is just as it should have been.

What was your favorite part of the Gran Final?

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