Lo Que La Vida Me Robó: José Luis From Hero to Psycho

I used to think of José Luis as one of Lo Que La Vida Me Robó’s heroes. After all, he was so sweet with Angelica. He married her and gave her a few months of happiness before she died. Though he loved Montserrat, he did whatever he could to help Alejandro because he wanted Montserrat to be happy. He even spent seven years in prison when he took the blame for burning all of the money Alejandro got from a drug trafficker.

Fast forward seven years and he is a different person. What happened to the José Luis who sacrificed his happiness for that of others? Seven years of prison hardened him. He tricked Montserrat into marrying him. He knew there was a chance that Alejandro was alive when he rushed Montserrat to the altar. José Luis knew Montserrat loved Alejandro, but all he cared about was his own happiness.

With Alejandro back in Agua Azul, José Luis has gone psycho. There is nothing he won’t do to keep Montserrat and Alejandro apart. He’s had Alejandro arrested and had Montserrat sacrifice herself to free Alejandro. Montserrat swore she would stay with José Luis if he freed Alejandro. Of course, Graciela really got Alejandro freed by retracting her testimony from seven years ago. Also, José Luis knew that once Pedro found out Alejandro was back, Pedro would try to kill him.

Even with Montserrat telling José Luis that she doesn’t love him and wants a divorce, he will not let her go. Why he would force Montserrat to stay with him is beyond me? Why would he want to be with someone who doesn’t love him? José Luis doesn’t seem to care whether Montserrat loves him. All he cares about is that he finally has her as if she was a trophy to be won as opposed to a human being.

I used to like José Luis. Now I just find him annoying and he makes me yell at the TV a lot. I hope the writers make him see reason and that Alejandro and Montserrat get together again.

For more on José Luis, see The Heroes of Lo Que La Vida Me Robó (Part 3).

What do you think of José Luis?

2 thoughts on “Lo Que La Vida Me Robó: José Luis From Hero to Psycho

    • Jennifer Britt says:

      The writers sped through Monserrat’s pregnancy. I’m not sure why. I agree with you that Jose Luis is pathetic. I don’t know why they completely changed his character. Thanks for stopping by.

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