Dancing With the Stars Does It Again With Season 18

Last season, I was somewhat upset when I heard that Dancing With the Stars was being reduced to one night, but I was pleasantly surprised by the new dance challenges and the fact that they had so many stars that could dance. It seems the producers learned something from Season 17 because Season 18 has been exciting. Although there have been some shows that I felt were rushed because they were trying to get to the elimination, I’ve found this season has been as good if not better than Season 17.

Once again, Dancing With the Stars got celebrities who can dance. My favorites are Meryl Davis and Charlie White, but Amy Purdy is right up there with them.

I’ve also enjoyed the theme nights. For me, Disney night was the best theme night. I loved all of the music and the animation, of course, was spectacular.

The dance challenges also have made this season more interesting. A new dance challenge was the partner switch. It was quite clear that some of the celebrities didn’t enjoy switching partners, but I thought the switch benefited some of the them. For example, Derek Hough brought out the best in NeNe Leakes, which annoyed Tony Dovolani the following week.

This week’s challenge will be the dance duel, which will pit two teams against each other. At some point during the dance, the pros will drop out and the celebrities will dance together. This dance will highlight the differences between the celebrities that are left and their ability to dance.

In a picture released by Dancing With the Stars, it appears that Charlie White and Sharna Burgess will duel with Mark Ballas and Candace Cameron Bure. This duel will be a tough one for Candace to win if she lets her head get in the way. With the injuries plaguing Amy and Danica McKellar, it will be interesting to see if they can keep up in their duels.

What do you think about Season 18 so far? Who is your favorite dancer?

2 thoughts on “Dancing With the Stars Does It Again With Season 18

  1. Joan Whitten says:

    I tend to agree with you, Meryl Davis is the best dancer. Amy Purdy is right up there. She is amazing with her legs of lack of. I really root for her. Danica McKellar is not bad either.
    I thought it was time for Nene Leakes to go. I am wondering when Candace Cameron Bure loses her confidence again and goofs up. Charlie White is a great dancer, but they keep picking on him.

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