Once Upon a Time Is Finally Back

I finally have my Sunday night TV back. Once Upon a Time returned last night and didn’t disappoint.

When the mid-season finale ended, everyone, except Henry and Emma, had gone back to the Enchanted Forest. Henry and Emma ended up in New York with no memory of Storybrooke. No one was supposed to be able to return from the Enchanted Forest. Yet, Hook appeared at Emma’s door at the end of that episode, leaving us wondering how he was able to escape the Enchanted Forest.

Last night’s episode flashed back and forth between present day New York and one year ago in the Enchanted Forest. The show opened with Phillip and Aurora about to have a picnic when Regina and company returned. After a brief update from Aurora and Phillip, Snow and Charming decide to return to their kingdom united with Regina. On the way to their castle, Snow convinces Regina to find a way to be happy without Henry. Snow and Regina are then attacked by a flying monkey and are saved by Robin Hood. As they near the castle, Regina discovers that a protective spell has been cast and someone has taken over the castle. Regina isn’t happy and I’m sure will make whoever it is (the Wicked Witch) pay.

In present day New York, Emma is dating some guy who isn’t Hook. Thankfully, Hook interrupts her dinner with said guy to tell her once again that her family is in danger and to give her Neal’s address, knowing she’d check it out. Emma being Emma goes and investigates and finds a camera with Henry’s name on it.  When Emma seeks Hook out in the park, instead of listening to what he has to say, she has him arrested for assault. I have to admit if I were in Emma’s shoes and some strange guy offered me some potion to drink and told me it would give me my memories back, I’d be freaked out too. Luckily, Hook isn’t in jail long and Emma finally agrees to drink the potion and gets all of her memories back before she can accept the other guy’s wedding proposal.

Hook explains to Emma that he got word that there was another curse and that everyone was going to return to Storybrooke. Heartbroken that what she thought was real wasn’t, Emma tells the other guy that she can’t marry him and lucky for her that she made that decision because apparently for eight months she was dating a flying monkey. Ewww! I was completely grossed out.

After getting rid of the monkey, Emma returns to Storybrooke with Hook and Henry and finds her parents. Snow and Charming don’t know what happened. All they know is that the last year has been wiped out and, by the way, Snow is pregnant.

At the end, the Wicked Witch makes her appearance. Who is she? That answer will have to wait for another episode.

We also have to wait to see if Regina and Robin Hood will have their happy ending. Did Robin Hood make it to Storybrooke this time?

Poor Henry doesn’t remember Storybrooke at all. Will he get his memory back?

What secret did Aurora and Phillip keep from Regina and company?

We were left with a lot of questions, but it was an exciting episode.

Note to ABC: Two and half months without Once Upon a Time is too long.

What did you think of Once Upon a Time’s return?

One thought on “Once Upon a Time Is Finally Back

  1. Diane Mann says:

    I, too, love “Once Upon a Time”. The writing is so good. I hope Henry gets his memory back soon. Regina loves him so much. She was actually going to destroy herself because she lost Henry. It will be very hard for her to be just a friend. I am enjoying the fact that Regina is finally on the side of good. I do feel that the rest of Storybrooke need to accept her unless she proves them wrong.

    Love the idea of Oz coming into play with flying monkeys and the wicked witch of the west. The biggest surprise was Regina’s mother is also the green witch’s mother. What a great plot? How will this end? Will the wicked witch due something horrible to Snow and her baby? I want to know who was the green witch’s father and how is she green in the Enchanted Forest, but white in Storybrooke.

    I will definitely be watching. Can’t wait to see how it all comes out!

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