Why Reign Deserved Early Renewal

I love period shows. I didn’t miss one episode of The Tudors during the four years it was on. When I heard about Reign, I was beyond excited. A show about Mary, Queen of Scots, what could be better than that?

After watching the premiere, I admit I was disappointed by the lack of historical accuracy, not even the costumes were right. If that’s important to you, then this show isn’t for you. However, if you’re like me and can get past the historical accuracy issue by getting sucked into the drama of which there is plenty, then it’s worth your time to tune in.

Megan Follows, who I remember from Anne of Green Gables, does a fantastic job as the Queen of France. Much like an evil queen in a fairy tale, she is able to create different poisons to kill people who get in her way. The addition of Nostradamus and his visions makes the show all that more intriguing.

But of course, the love triangle between Sebastian, Mary, and Francis is what draws me in every week. In reality, Mary married Francis and I doubt there was that much drama around it. Chances are Mary and Francis did their duty and that was the end of it.

Reign takes this part of Mary’s history and makes it exciting. Up until the last couple of episodes, I thought Mary was certain to end up with Francis and Sebastian didn’t stand a chance, despite the many meaningful moments they had shared. However, Sebastian and Mary seem to have a real connection. As a romance hero, Sebastian is perfect. Unlike Francis, he has no loyalty to the crown. His loyalty is solely to Mary, which he has made clear several times. He will fight for, and protect, Mary.

Francis hasn’t always been there for Mary. He struggles with doing what’s right for the crown and doing what he should for Mary. For this reason, I can see why Mary would find Sebastian attractive.

I’m sure the writers will have Mary and Francis get back together at some point because that’s historically accurate, but I’m going to enjoy the ride along the way.

Are you watching Reign? What do you think about the show?

One thought on “Why Reign Deserved Early Renewal

  1. Joan says:

    Thank you for informing me on the show “Reign”. I was absolutely glued to “Tudors” during the 4 season. I have the same attitude though about hearing about the correct history and not something made up by Hollywood to get viewership. Good analysis of the show.

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