The Vampire Diaries: Goodbye Katherine . . . Not!

I wish I could say I am surprised that Katherine is still around on The Vampire Diaries. I’m not, but at least I enjoyed the 100th episode.

All of the characters drank to Katherine’s impending death and remembered every bad thing she had done to them, which was amusing. Of course, no one was sad to see her go, especially Damon who blames Katherine for every bad thing he’s ever done.

The episode also had its touching moments. Katherine relived the slaughter of her family and Stefan took pity on her. He said that she deserved some peace so he went inside her head and erased that memory. Even Elena forgave Katherine for all the bad things Katherine had done to her.

At one point, Katherine told her daughter that she was going to do the right thing for once, which meant she was going to die. It was a nice speech, but I didn’t buy it. Katherine has always been known as a survivor and her survival instinct kicked in. As I suspected, she used the traveler’s spell and is now inside Elena.

It shouldn’t take long for everyone to figure out what happened once Katherine fails to pass through Bonnie. But I wonder how many episodes I’ll have to sit though until Katherine is separated from Elena.

While Katherine was the focus of the episode, the most enjoyable moment was seeing Caroline finally admit her feelings for Klaus. When Klaus is with Caroline, I can almost forget that he’s evil.

What did you enjoy the most about the 100th episode?

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