La Tempestad Is Over

After dismal ratings, Univision decided to run an abridged version of La Tempestad. Even though William Levy starred as the hero in this novela, not even he could save the train wreck that was La Tempestad.

If you read my previous post, La Tempestad Isn’t Amor Bravío, But I’ll Keep Watching, you know that I thought this novela had a lot of promise. After all, how could it miss with William Levy, César Évora, Iván Sánchez, Mariana Seoane, and Laura Carmine? Unfortunately, the writing and editing only gave Iván Sánchez as Hernan the psycho the chance to shine. For me, his performance was the highlight of La Tempestad, especially after the love story failed so miserably.

I had wanted Damián and Marina to have an epic love story, but instead I was left cold. How did the writers expect anyone to believe that Damián and Marina were in love when Marina constantly turned her back on him at the first sign of trouble? Not only did she leave Damián, but she always ran to Hernan. She did this almost until the very end when she finally realized that Hernan was a complete nutcase.

William Levy played the part of Damián well enough, but again we were supposed to believe, after being pushed away by Marina about a thousand times, he would keep going back for more punishment. Would any self-respecting man do that? No. He would have dumped her and moved on. But Damián worked his way through many tears to win the woman he loved. While the tears showed a softer side to Damián, they also got to be ridiculous. Damián cried in just about every episode.

So did Marina and Damián get their happy ending? Yes. Was it romantic? No. Was it overly dramatic? Yes, Damián saved Marina from Hernan’s clutches and left Hernan to die in a fire while he played the violin. Was it epic? No. It was just okay.

What did you think of La Tempestad?

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