The Vampire Diaries: Not Another Doppelganger

When The Vampire Diaries ended last season, Silas revealed that Stefan is his doppelganger. Please say it isn’t so. Haven’t we had enough with Elena and Katherine? Do we really need another doppelganger storyline? Surely, the writers could have continued the Silas storyline without making Stefan a doppelganger.

Over the summer, I hoped and hoped that the writers weren’t going down the doppelganger road again. I thought in the first episode of this season the writers would explain that Silas was using his mind control power to make everyone see Stefan’s face. After all, he did that last season when he took on the appearance of other people. But alas, it appears we must endure yet another season of doppelganger craziness, unless the writers have a twist up their sleeves, which doesn’t appear to be the case at this point.

I’ve been a loyal fan for four years and plan on sticking with it for at least this season. I like the murder mystery Caroline and Elena are embroiled in and I’m hoping Bonnie will come back from the dead. If Qetsiyah can return from the dead, then there has to be a way for Bonnie to come back.

But I’m wondering if these storylines are enough to keep other fans around or if The Vampire Diaries lost a lot of its fans at the end of last season.

Are you still watching The Vampire Diaries? What do you think of Season 5? Have you had enough of doppelgangers?

One thought on “The Vampire Diaries: Not Another Doppelganger

  1. D. Mann says:

    The Vampire Diaries is a good show, but it seems that writers get stuck on one storyline. Could it be they don’t know what else to write? Yes. They all seem to repeat the same storyline with different characters. This seems to be the trend and the death of alot of TV series. Viewers are not stupid! The writers and producers of these shows think that viewers will stay faithful to them anyway. But time and time again, this has been proved wrong. When will they wake up? The answer is “When the show is cancelled.” It happened to “Surface, Lost and Heroes” and it will happen again. Good writing teams know where they are going with a plot. Series like “Bones, Castle, Psyche” are continuing to be good. The writing is superb! Hopefully, the writing on this show will improve.

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