Good Luck Charlie Isn’t Just for Kids

I don’t normally watch Disney Channel. However, one night I had a horrible case of insomnia and ended up flipping through channels, looking for something to watch. After going through all of the channels twice, I finally decided to give Disney Channel a try, even though I was convinced that all of its shows were for kids.

Good Luck Charlie was on and I didn’t want to like it. I’m an adult and kids watch Good Luck Charlie, right? Wrong. I loved the episode I caught and instantly became a fan. I’ve talked to other adults who are also fans of the show. Though it might be written with kids in mind, it’s a funny show.

Amy Duncan (the mom) is my favorite character. She will do anything for her kids, which I admire. But she has two character flaws. She’s always wanted to be a star and that sometimes gets in her way when she’s trying to do the right thing.

She is also very competitive. I can relate to being competitive, but she takes it to the extreme and her kids usually talk some sense into her. That brings me to the one complaint I have about this show.

While the cast and writing of Good Luck Charlie are great, I wish the parents didn’t come across as foolish at times. I remember growing up with Family Ties, Growing Pains, and The Cosby Show. Those shows were funny, but the parents were people you could look up to and, like most parents, could see right through their kids’ motives. The parents never came across as idiots.

I may be old school in my thinking and I know Disney Channel is writing for kids, but I believe kids would still watch, even if the parents didn’t come across as goofballs. After all, my friends and I watched Family Ties, Growing Pains, and The Cosby Show religiously and those shows were on for years.

Despite this flaw, Good Luck Charlie is enjoyable to watch and I would recommend it. You might have to catch most of the episodes as reruns because I recently learned that Disney Channel has cancelled Good Luck Charlie and there are only a few episodes left. Try to catch the remaining shows if you can. You won’t be sorry.

Are you a Good Luck Charlie fan? Do you have a favorite character? Are there any other Disney Channel shows worth watching?

2 thoughts on “Good Luck Charlie Isn’t Just for Kids

  1. Diane says:

    I love the show too, and I’m an adult. My daughter likes it also but I think I laugh at it more than she does. I’m sad that it will be ending soon.

    I agree with you on the parents issue. But they are funny and “over the top.” I think the show was set up to focus more on Charlie and her big sister Teddy, but her mom and dad are so funny that they took over the show.

  2. D. Mann says:

    I have seen “Good Luck Charlie” and, although the show is funny, the parents are just not realistic. I agree with you that they do not act like the typical parent and I believe set a poor example for kids watching it. Disney needs to do a better job. A show can be funny without making the parents look ridiculous.

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