La Tempestad Isn’t Amor Bravío, But I’ll Keep Watching

If you’ve read my previous post, Farewell Amor Bravío, you know that I loved Amor Bravío and was heartbroken when it ended. I had hoped La Tempestad would fill the void left by Amor Bravío, but it is not Amor Bravío.

Amor Bravío had a slow build up. With every episode, I watched Camila and Daniel’s relationship grow until they fell in love with each other. In La Tempestad, Marina and Captain Damián Fabre fell in love within a month of the novela’s premiere. Because it happened so fast, the writers had to come up with some way to keep Marina and Damián apart. Their solution was to have Damián marry Esthercita who is infatuated with him and just happens to be Mayor Fulgencio Salazar’s daughter. Supposedly, Damián married Esthercita to protect her reputation. While there have been some musical montages showing Damián’s kindness (e.g., he buys a bunch of toys for children in one of the montages), marrying Esthercita seems overly generous, especially when it is quite clear that he can’t stand her. His facial expressions crack me up.

Of course, Damián’s marriage isn’t enough to keep Marina and Damián apart. That’s where Hernan comes into the picture. He’s obsessed with Marina and attempts to kill Damián just so he can have Marina to himself. Hernan blows up Damián’s boat while Damián and Esthercita are on their honeymoon, which puts Damián into a coma that he’s not in for very long. For me, this story line is the most entertaining because I keep wondering how long it’s going to take Marina to figure out Hernan is a complete psycho. What’s odd about this part of the story is that while Hernan appears to be obsessed with Marina, he also has parties with women clad in nothing more than bikinis and makes out with all of them. I guess his obsession only goes so far.

There’s more to La Tempestad. Briefly, Mayuya, who is supposed to be Esthercita’s friend, wants Esthercita and Marina out of the way so she can have Damián. Mayuya is a fool because Damián only wants one woman — Marina. Mercedes is looking for her missing daughter who just happens to be Marina’s twin sister and Beatriz who Marina believes is her mother (even though its Mercedes) has an inoperable tumor on her lung. I’m sure there will be more in the coming months.

Despite its flaws, I’ll keep watching for several reasons. First, William Levy plays the role of Captain Damián Fabre. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this point. Second, César Évora plays the role of Mayor Fulgencio Salazar and is excellent as always as one of the villains. I became a fan of Mr. Évora’s work when he played Dionisio in Amor Bravío. Third, La Tempestad is worth watching just for the rivalry between Damián and Hernan. Some of my favorite scenes are when Damián and Hernan go at it. Again, William Levy nails the facial expressions. He always has a disgusted look when he’s talking to or about Hernan – if only Marina could see what Damián sees.  

Finally, I’m hoping that the story will get better and that Damián and Marina will have the epic love story that Daniel and Camila had in Amor Bravío. I know I may be asking for a lot, but I can dream.

What do you think of La Tempestad? Will you keep watching?

5 thoughts on “La Tempestad Isn’t Amor Bravío, But I’ll Keep Watching

  1. D. Mann says:

    I think that “La Tempestad” is interesting in that everyone is in love with Damian. I will keep watching to find out if Damian wins Marina. Poor Esthercita! As for Hernan, can’t wait to see his next move.

  2. Rachael says:

    This is a novela which has grown on me. A sad but true fact is that William Levy has kept me watching it and now the storyline has gotten so intense that I just can’t wait for the next episode. I have to say Ivan Sanchez is great at playing an obsessed psycho villan. Hernan is a character I just can’t stand for all his psychotic manipulations and obsessions with Damian and Marina. At the same time I can’t wait to see what he has pulled up his sleeve for his next attack against Damian Fabre. I’ve read that Ivan Sanchez is going to be cast as a leading male role in future novelas, and I must say it’s going to be hard to see him as a leading man. Especially, after seeing him as such a strong villan. I love that Mariana Seoane is in this novela, and I sometimes wish she was cast as the leading lady instead of Ximena Navarrette. I think Ximena is great at portraying Magdalena, and perhaps she’s better cast as a villan. I did do a little research on “La Tempestad” and I learned that Ximena Navarrette didn’t have much acting experience prior to her roles in this novela. That explained to me why her character almost always seems so cold to me. Her coldness sometimes makes it hard for me to believe she really loves Damian as much as he loves her. As an interesting side note…I think at times Ximena as Marina resembles The Duchess of Cambridge Catherine. Perhaps it’s her make-up. I began watching this novela intesely for almost two months now; and I want to go back and watch the beginning so that I can be abreast with all the happenings.

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