Maggie Q Has Lethal Martial Arts Moves

Maggie Q stars in the CW’s underrated, Nikita. What I find fascinating about Maggie Q is that she didn’t grow up doing martial arts, but she’s so good at it. She was actually discovered by Jackie Chan and trained by his team. Since then, she’s gone on to do a number of action films in the United States and Asia, including Live Free and Die Hard.

I’ve noticed that there are common elements in her fight scenes. I don’t know if it’s because she favors those particular moves or because the choreographers happen to stick them in, knowing they are her best moves. But whether it’s a fight scene in Nikita or one of the many action movies she’s made, you’ll notice she’ll always throw an elbow strike and often it’s the first move. At some point in the scene, she’ll do an out block with a grab and incapacitate an arm. I happen to think that’s her best move, but her back hook and crescent kicks are pretty good too.

As a woman who started doing Tae Kwon Do as an adult, I can appreciate what Maggie Q has accomplished since training with Jackie Chan and company. She is an inspiration for women, especially those of us who do martial arts.

Sadly, Nikita will end next season. But that does not mean the end for Maggie Q. She is set to star as Tori in the much-anticipated 2014 release, Divergent.

If you have a favorite actress who does martial arts, feel free to leave a comment.

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