Impractical Jokers to the Rescue

Feeling down? Need a break? In the mood for mindless entertainment? Turn on Impractical Jokers. I discovered this show recently and it has become my go to show when I want to spend a night watching TV and laughing.

In each episode, four guys who have been lifelong friends have to complete a series of outrageous stunts. Usually, the stunts involve one of the guys saying or doing whatever the others tell him to. Whoever completes the fewest stunts has to do a task picked out by the other three guys and it’s something that is highly embarrassing.

Not only do I laugh at the stunts, but I enjoy the camaraderie between the guys. They know each other very well and know just how to push each other’s buttons, which makes the show even funnier.

So when I need that all important break, I do something good for myself and watch Impractical Jokers. Why is Impractical Jokers good for me? Because it keeps me laughing for a solid thirty minutes and everyone knows laughing is good for you. Studies have shown that laughing increases your oxygen intake (which stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles), relieves stress, improves your immune system, and relieves pain.

Do you need any more reasons to watch Impractical Jokers? For me, next to exercise, Impractical Jokers is the best way to relieve stress. Why don’t you try relieving your stress with this gem of a show? For writers who might be reading this, your excuse can always be that you’re conducting research on male characters. I’m sure you’ll get lots of material.

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